Aside from the financial side of an investment property, there are also legal and administrative issues that need to be accounted for. Issues surrounding things such as landlord-tenant laws and the Condominium Act need to be thoroughly understood in order for you to be protected.

At New City Property Management, we offer our clients in-depth legal and administrative services which involve providing on-going assistance and support when it comes to the law. We make sure that the corporation’s declaration is always enforced, and that bylaws and rules always meets the Board of Directors’ expectations. Should any violations arise, we will work with Board members to make sure all actions and responses to such violations are dealt with in a timely manner.

Whether it’s to protect you from legal issues, or to enforce legal action up the Condo corporation or delinquent tenants, the team at New City Property Management will help you solve this litigious situations. We’ll also schedule and organize all annual general meetings to ensure that all bylaws and rules are constantly being kept in compliance.